The Hosts

Nathan Evans: Pithy Is A Sin

Loud, brash, and thoroughly verbose, the other half of the Safe Spaces hosting duties lay with a veteran editor constantly fighting the good fight against cynicism and disenchantment. As the managing editor at pop-culture examining he does his damnedest to keep asinine politics from mucking up the works, a battle that rages on. Whether its print, online, podcast, or radio he’s gone head-to-head with politicians, CEOs, cartoonists, developers, and anyone else on the path to journalistic purity.

Plus, as a genuine scopophobic (a real thing – look it up) there won’t be any gratuitous duckface booty shots from him. If that’s not a bonus, nothing is.

Herman Exum: Apathy Activist

Herman talks tech, culture, jeeps and more. For over a decade he’s traveled the country to hone his craft, interacting with some of the biggest – and smallest – personalities the tech world has to offer. If you’ve ever wondered who the heck takes the time to test and review the latest smartphone, projector, laptop and other electronic gizmo, here you go.

Also: he’s a prolific illustrator, though you probably wouldn’t like his work if you lack a sense of humor. You do like funny, right? You gotta like funny to hang with this crowd. It’s practically required these days.

Anton A. Hill: Words Matter

Originally hailing from the Portland area in Oregon, Anton currently resides in Los Angeles, where he makes a respectable living droning for a major online media company, freelance writing, hosting the exciting YouTube gaming chat show and podcast #VerticalSlice, and shaving goats.

Despite what others have told him, he dreams of the day he can make the goat-shaving his full-time job. Dare to dream!

Chris Mitchell: Sounds Fierce!

If you’ve loving that fine audio quality of the Safe Spaces podcast, thank audio guru Chris “Wolf Man” Mitchell and his talented self. As the chief sound engineer, Chris handles every clip, noise, and other audible distractions you’ll hear throughout.

Think it’s an easy job? Think again; especially when he’s tasked with meticulously reconstructing entire conversations from scraps. Plus, you try dealing with broken code and uncooperative web servers all day. Pure madness, and enough to make a man go bonkers. Thankfully, Chris was already bonkers and fit right in.

The guys are available to guest, editorialize, or just ramble on other shows! For more info about how to get in touch, head over to our Contact Page today!