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Episode 79 Little Richard RIP, Missing Mistress, Woody Allen Apropos, The...

Our hosts talk Little Richard, erasing language, Woody Allen’s autobiography, videogame controversy, and why you shouldn’t fear bugs.

Episode 78 Coronovirus Quarantines, Best Game + Movie Options, and Not...

Our hosts talk the coronavirus pandemic, beating the quarantine blues, and not letting the end of the world bring you down.

Episode 77 Election 2020: Super Tuesday Special Droppin’ Out Edition

Our hosts examine the outcome of Super Tuesday 2020 as Democrat voters continue to choose their nominee for the 2020 election.

Episode 76 Nevada Feels The Bernie (Sanders), Carlos Ghosn Goes Rogue,...

Our hosts talk Nevada caucus results, Carlos Ghosn escaping, why Birds of Prey failed, and how online sympathy is for suckers.

Episode 75 Goodbye 2019: Star Wars and Rising Skywalkers, The Best,...

Our hosts talk saying goodbye to 2019, spoiling the new Star Wars, and picks for the best and worst movies of 2019.