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Episode 03 Kaepernick Fuss, Zero Intolerance, O’Reilly Racist Wigs, and the...

The guys talk Kaepernick kneels and protest history, Bill O'Reilly's James Brown wig dilemma, and the misguided outrage over the Ghost In The Shell movie.

Episode 02 Emma’s Beast, Ivanka Clearance, and Emmett Till Hysteria

The guys take on Emma Watson's sullen Belle, Emmett Till painting panting, Ivanka Trump, and a serious no-no in conservative activism.

Episode 01 Iron Fist, White Saviors, and Rachel Maddow Hysterics

The guys rip into the fake controversy surrounding Netflix's Iron Fist and bumbling ignorance of Rachel Maddow.

Episode 00 Patient Zero: Setting The Agenda

Expect plenty of rule setting (and breaking) in the first episode of the Safe Spaces Podcast. You've been warned!