We’ve reached Episode 29 of the Safe Spaces Podcast, and things are looking pretty peachy all-around. Seems there’s a whole lot more of you listening than we thought, and that’s good news. Even more good news is that you seem to like what we’re doing, so many thanks and salutations all-around.

Our hosts say goodbye to the original purveyor of allowable pornography, Hugh Hefner, who passed away this week at the ripe old age of 91. What follows is a lively chat about the permissible nature of what’s “obscene” and what’s just raunchy fun.

Perhaps you’ve heard about the ‘take a knee’ protests overwhelming the NFL and mainstream society this past week? Or how President Trump fanned the flames by calling said protestors “sons of bitches”, which tossed verbal gasoline on the dying fumes of Colin Kaepernick’s original failed protest? Let’s talk about the right to protest versus the rationale behind protest; that’s where the fun is.

Cambridge librarian Liz Phipps Soeiro made headlines when she rejected a gift-bag of Dr. Seuss books from none other than First Lady Melania Trump, citing the objectionable nature and racist history of the author of Green Eggs and Ham and The Cat in the Hat. Was the good doctor (in name only) racist? Or is there more at play here? Are universities indoctrinating students in a harmful ideology of intolerance and culture-munching madness?

We’ve got also updates on Safe Spaces favorites Reality Winner (the latest NSA leaker), who apparently feels America is “the worst thing ever”, as well as Anthony Weiner, the disgraced congressman sentenced to 21 months in prison over his sexting of a 15-year old girl.

Have any of you watched Seth McFarland’s The Orville or the new Star Trek: Discovery yet? Our hosts have – and they’ve got thoughts to share! But a word of caution: there be spoilers here, so those of you who live for surprises may want to tread carefully.

Speaking of careful, we close this episode with the sad tale of Harry Knowles, creator of influential movie site Ain’t It Cool News, i.e. AICN, who finds himself embroiled in a sexual assault scandal of his own. Words of wisdom to all up-and-coming celebrities and politicians out there: keep your distance and your hands clean. Someone, somewhere, is watching, and it won’t take much to piss them off.

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