Safe Spaces Episode 20: leaner, cleaner, and feature-packed! Our hosts say a heartfelt goodbye to legendary voice actor June Foray; you probably grew up with her work (as did your parents), and it’s well worth your time learning more about this beloved animation innovator.

From here our hosts take a nostalgia tour, lamenting the horribleness that is SDCC (San Diego Comic-Con), the potential joys of a new Matt Groening Netflix show, and the weaponization of 80s nostalgia with Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One and Netflix’s Stranger Things 2. Oh, and if you’re a big Kevin Smith fan you may want to skip this section (there’s your trigger warning).

Things get unpleasant when talking President Trump’s bizarrely-announced ban on transgender troops in the US military. No judgements as our hosts evaluate both sides of the argument; while those in the LGBTQ community do suffer from mental illness at much higher rates than the general population, can this – and equally bizarre claims at “budgetary concerns” – rationalize giving thousands of soldiers the boot? A frank and honest discussion ensues.

What does God need with a starship? Actually, what does Star Trek need with God? Word has it that the mention of a celestial being is off-limits in CBS’ upcoming Star Trek: Discovery show, apparently written by at least one hardcore fan-fiction writer (Kirsten Beyer) who seems to misinformed by the aims of the late Gene Roddenberry. Our hosts introduce a series of delightful clips that prove there’s still room left in the universe for a deity (or two).

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Wrapping things up this week is the strange tale of a Call of Duty developer’s quest to rid the world of politically unpleasant Nazis – and their swastikas – in the upcoming surefire blockbuster COD: WW2. Sledgehammer Games’ co-founder Michael Condrey has words with confused fans, making the absurd claim that swastika-free Nazis are more acceptable than others, even chastising black fans who might find the idea of female black Nazis (!!) a bit offensive. Its political correctness gone mad as the aims of commerce meet cognitive dissonance. Rants, rambles, and righteousness await… enjoy the show!

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