Welcome back to the Safe Spaces Podcast – now serving Episode 82! We’ve got a doozy this time as our hosts talk sexualized mollusks, white supremacy, unnamed hate groups and why virtual reality will never (ever) work and – of course – the first (and possibly) only Presidential Debate of 2020.

It seems like only yesterday the internet went crazy about (alleged) footage of a man’s (alleged) sexual relationship with a female octopus. It seemed wild. It seemed extreme. It seemed to outrageous to be true, which it was. The reality, sadly, was My Octopus Teacher, a new documentary streaming on Netflix about a man and his one-year (plutonic) love affair with his 8-tentacled best friend of the sea. Just how do such rumors come about?

Our main topic is the first – and possibly only – Presidential debate between President Donald Trump and ex-Vice President Joe Biden. Whether you watched live or just gleamed some of the highlights chances are you’ve heard it was a loud, cantankerous fiasco where two old men barked their loudest at – and often over – each other. In a “debate” where very little debating happened, can there possibly be a “winner”?

TL;DR is that neither candidate was at their best, but was it everything our media betters have said it was? Our hosts take a different approach to one of the most anticipated events of the year, examining both sides with equal incredulity and suspicion and trying to figure out if there was any method to each candidate’s madness.

How dangerous is white supremacy in modern America? Who are the Proud Boys and is Antifa really just an “idea”, as Biden proclaimed? Does anyone understand the current state of automobile emissions? And why is only one side (spoiler: it’s Trump) required to publicly condemn hate groups over and over?

Whether both sides will agree to a second, and possibly third, debate is, well, up for debate. Whether such things even make a difference in the most politically polarized climate in our lifetime is another matter entirely. Regardless, the whole world will be watching – and possibly groaning along with the rest of us.