The Safe Spaces Podcast reaches Episode 81! And with that octogenarian milestone comes a slew of headlines either gripping the nation’s pulse – or threatening to flatline it. Either way, our hosts will do their best to keep things not just fresh and tasty but just irreverent enough to let off a little steam. Ready to get to it? Let’s get to it.

Tired of the 2020 Presidential Election yet? Well, grab onto your Yeezee sneaks and hold on tight as things are about to get a whole lot more interesting. That’s right; multitalented musical polymath and self-described god among men, Kanye West, has thrown his MAGAS capped hat into the race to become the world’s most powerful man. Running on the Birthday Party ticket and an anti-abortion, anti-vaccine platform that includes transforming America into the “next’ Wakanda, nobody ever accused Ye of being anything less than ambitious.

Update: mere hours after recording this episode it seems Kanye West realized the obvious and quietly bowed out of the 2020 Presidential Race. Perhaps 2024 still calls?

Goya Foods, home of delicious Latin-centric food stuffs that make every meal better, has been in the news lately, thanks to a surprise endorsement by CEO Robert Unanue. What followed, unsurprisingly, was a major push by Leftists to boycott anything with the Goya label. While such boycotts have been shockingly successful in recent times, thus far the effort to pressure Goya to retract their support for President Trump has been anything but. Sales have been through the roof as millions of Caucasian cooked dishes are about to get a whole lot tastier.

The Washington Redskins have been a staple of American football for almost a century, but thanks to a well-run boycott campaign (see above) that’s about to change as team leaders have announced they’ve decided to change the controversial name to…something else. Our hosts reveal how hopelessly inept they are at discussing football, or any sports franchise for that matter. But that doesn’t stop them from investigating the recent effort to push mediocre athletes like Colin Kaepernick and Nascar racer Bubba Wallace to become modern civil rights icons. It’s just like they always say: if you can’t win, whine.

To be perfectly honest, maybe the name “Redskins” was a little offensive, especially when matched with its similarly iconic logo (created by Native American artist Walter “Blackie” Wetzel, believe it or not). So maybe this change is for the better. While there’s no indication about what the new team name will be, our hosts are definitely in favor of anything honoring the invaluable contributions from Native American heroes to the United States…Maybe something honoring the Code Talkers?

Love TikTok or Parler? Even if you find these fast-emerging micro-blogging sites aren’t your bag, your kids (and grandparents) probably love ‘em. But each of these popular apps bring with them their own set of controversies and worries, some more annoying and cringe than others.

Billed as the successor to Vine, TikTok has quickly become one of the world’s most popular social media sensations, amassing billions of views from a motley crew of engaged LGBTQ activists, privileged white teen girls playing bad, and scores of rabid K-Pop fans looking for trouble.

So what’s K-Pop, anyway? If you don’t know BTS from BIGBANG – or maybe just saying Blackpink makes you feel all dirty inside – the catchy, generic pop-lite sounds of Korean pop have taken the world by storm, thanks mostly to the rise of TikTok stans and the fact everything else on the charts sounds like crap.

Parler, meanwhile, has taken the Anti-Twitter mantle to new heights, becoming a second home for frustrated conservative-leaning users who’ve either felt let down by Jack Dorsey’s tweet machine – or kicked off the island entirely. Usership has grown by leaps and bounds (including a toe-dip by your own Safe Spaces Podcast) in recent months, but nearly all these new arrivals appear to swim in the same ideological waters.

Can TikTok rise about its Chinese roots and convince the world it’s not really the harmful, data-sucking malware it appears to be (and one that that needs banned)? Can Parler rise above the impression that its little more than an echo chamber of Donald Trump cultists? Perhaps, but with a highly contentious election right around the corner you can bet both platforms will become even more popular and more controversial before the dust settles.