The Space Spaces Podcast reaches a true milestone with Episode 80, possibly our longest and most jam-packed episode yet. How could we resist, with much of the world affected by massive protests and social upheaval? With so many exhausted by the coronavirus quarantine it can be a struggle to remain positive, but we’ll do our best to lighten the mood and smooth the edges. Let’s get to it.

A huge chunk of this episode’s runtime will focus, inevitably, on the recent civil unrest that arose after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis during a disturbing altercation with police. Our hosts do their best to separate fact from fiction, emotion from enragement, and we encourage listeners to hear them out before taking up the pitchforks and torches. We mean well, we promise.

The BlackLivesMatter movement has been unleashed like never before, taking over the airwaves and practically every online outlet, service, subscription channel and social media feed unlike anything we’ve ever seen. It’s as if someone, somewhere flipped their master switch and the call for “justice” went out, blotting out everything else in its way, including the economy-destroying COVID-19 crisis. It’s a moment for the ages, with mostly peaceful protests moving towards something bigger and (we hope) better.

But with these protests come destruction, massive destruction of major US cities and their communities, the most affected being (ironically) the black community. As buildings burn and the world seems primed for massive systemic, long-lasting changes the only questions that matter are whether these cultural alterations to society truly help those people and communities who need them, or will mob rule upend democracy?

These are important things to consider when lives and civilization are at stake. One thing is beyond discussion, however; BlackLivesMatter because AllLivesMatter.

Director Spike Lee has a new film out on Netflix, Da 5 Bloods, and it seems like everyone is just loving it. Well, not everyone, but its certainly been getting the expected raves from the expected critics because the film appears to be “of the moment”, which shouldn’t have any impact on their opinions (yet always does). Our hosts take a more honest look at the latest Spike Lee Joint to discuss some of the film’s more egregious cinematic missteps.

Do you have a PlayStation 4 and/or Xbox One game console? Are you relatively happy with them? Well, too bad, because Sony and Microsoft have their next-generation consoles almost ready to unleash their next-generation powers on your psyche and pocketbooks. Sony’s recent unveiling of their PlayStation 5 console was met with plenty of enthusiastic computational applause and the design with…well, less enthusiastic applause. The machine’s “unique” design has drawn ridicule and scorn from the peanut gallery. You can see why; that’s one fugly looking computer entertainment system.

But does it even matter if the games themselves are exceptional? Probably not, but the reveal of every new PlayStation console seems to bring with it the usual hecklers and naysayers, so it’s best to let them have their fun and mock a system they’ll most likely buy and cherish for years to come. It’s a cycle that’s become more predictable than shampoo instructions. #GiantEnemyCrab