After a too-long break the Safe Space Podcast returns for even more sanity-saving fun and informational frivolity! And just in time, too, as the world (and your brain) could use a heaping dose of distractions and diversions from the utter madness of daytime television and never-ending stream of political bullplop.

Wanna Netflix and chill? If you’re answer was “yes, please!” then log in and start streaming Martin Scorsese’s new $150+ million-dollar gangster epic The Irishman now! It’s 3.5 hours of sly cuts, violence and all the sly cutting violence you’d expect from the director of Taxi Driver, Goodfellas and Casino. Even better, it somehow manages to make Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino watchable again! Oh, and it’s also the long-awaited return of the great Joe Pesci.

Is The Irishman cinema as Marvel blockbusters like Avengers: Endgame and Captain Marvel are not? The question has been on everyone’s mind since Scorsese pried open Pandora’s box with a few choice words suggesting as much, but don’t let that stop you from enjoying both!

And enjoy both you totally can if you subscribe to both Netflix and Disney+ streaming services, the latter being the biggest challenger yet to the former. With a HUGE catalog straight from Disney’s unparalleled vault of film, television and animated shorts spanning classic Disney animation, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and even The Simpsons (who joined after Disney gobbled up Fox), plus a family-friendly price, we could be seeing the beginning of a thermonuclear streaming war.

But how valuable are those assets when Disney themselves continues to dilute their famed franchise with endless “live-action” remakes, reboots and more? Probably just as valuable, to be honest, but what about potential issues that cinema buffs don’t care for, like “warning” signs before classic movies that have entertained generations? Or “controversial” elements that have been digitally removed? Or badly cropped Simpsons episodes that spoil visual gags?

Are you planning on seeing Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker? Just a few years ago that would have been an insane question, but after a string of so-so to downright awful entries in what used to be the world’s most beloved film franchise, the answer isn’t quite so certain. 2017’s The Last Jedi, while a blockbuster earning over a billion box-office dollars, left such a sour taste for even the more hardcore fans that their cries of apathy will likely be heard across the galaxy.

How does this bode for the upcoming – and so-called “final” chapter – in the Skywalker Saga? Time will tell when the film opens next month, but let’s just say that roughly 1/2 of our hosts couldn’t be less interested.

And we come to the madness, the mayhem, the complete lack of common sense and brain functions we call Black Friday 2019! Or maybe not. Reports have the season’s single biggest ode to irrationaly reckless spending appearing to have lost some of its mojo as mindless zombies consumers are turning to modern methods like online shopping instead. This is progress, of course, but there’s still much work to be done.

So did you brave the malls and retails stores to get “the best deal” you could? Did you fight off throngs of crazed shoppers and fend off challengers trying to take your booty? Perhaps you were smarter and stayed home, preferring the safety and comfort of online shopping instead. If you chose the second option, congratulations! You’re a smart, savvy shopper. If you chose the former… may the gods have mercy on your greedy consumerist soul.