It’s the Safe Spaces Podcast! Back from a well-deserved summer break, ready to dive right into what’s shaking up the culture in all the worst possible ways. Let’s get started!

As our returning salvo we’re keeping things tightly focused for this episode. Chiefly, comedian Dave Chapelle’s most recent Netflix comedy special that’s been riling up the very folk you’d expect to be riled up. They’re as predictable as the weather.

With a title like Dave Chappelle: Sticks & Stones what else would you expect? While Chappelle has long been known to stir the fecal pot with his ground-breaking comedy specials in the past, it’s only recently that he’s faced backlash over his so-called “obsolete” style of comedy that has no placed in our evolved and highly woke culture.

With jabs at everyone (and everything) about “cancel culture”, Chappelle aims his razor-sharp wit at the humorless, anti-comedy movement he calls “the alphabet people” (take a guess), the ridiculous Jussie Smollett fake hate crime, the opium scourge and more. Throughout, it’s a reminder that people laughing together aren’t people hating each other.

His critics, of course, have proven him 100 percent right with their short-sighted outrage, perhaps out of utter cluelessness or because of their compete lack of self-awareness. How unfortunate that once proud publications like Slate, Salon and Vice have all condemned the comedian, issuing impassioned warnings for readers to avoid his latest special lest they be triggered into oblivion. Nothing says “woke” quite like humorless editors trying to “explain” how comedy works. Mandatory fun, people.

While their predictable groupthink is to be expected, it’s how these “journalists” have taken their grief one step further by crudely attempting to weaponize movie/TV aggregator Rotten Tomatoes where the real silliness lay. They really, really don’t want you watching Dave Chappelle: Sticks & Stones. Which, of course, means you should definitely watch Dave Chappelle: Sticks & Stones!

Following up the Chappelle flavored insanity is another tasty treat, especially if you’re into deep-fried fowl all battered up and delicious. We’re talking fried chicken, or friend chicken sandwiches. Who knew that in a summer absolutely popping with controversy that it’d be chicken sandwiches that would really rile up the feathers of the perpetually self-aggrieved?

Who knew that innocent chicken sandwiches could be blamed for mass protests, mass shootings, or even the mass hysteria that never seems to end? That’s a lot of pressure to put on any bird, but as the country’s fastest-growing fast food favorite, chicken seems to be an easy target.

While our hosts can’t quite agree on who serves up the ‘best’ chicken sandwich, we can all agree that the more they protest, the more people want their chicken. They never seem to learn, a true irony that only makes a trip to the local Chick-fil-A that much more satisfying. Bon Appétit!