The Safe Spaces Podcast has finally reached that most magical of magical numbers – Episode 69. Had we been anything less than consummate professionals or mature adults such a milestone might elicit many chuckles and guffaws. That’s not us. Nope. We’re better than that. You’re better than that. Together, we can overcome our base instincts.

If you’ve been a fan of Hollywood style cinema for the past decade-plus then you’ve undoubtedly been exposed to, enjoyed, detested or in some way or another been party to the phenomenon that’s become the Marvel Cinematic Universe – or just MCU for short.

Captain Marvel isn’t just the 21st (twenty-first!!) entry in the most successful movie franchise in history, it’s also the first to be headlined by a solo female hero, the titular Captain played by Oscar-winning Brie Larson (hello!). Because we can’t just have nice things, the facts listed above have led to the same type of controversy that seems to accompany any female-led blockbuster movie traditionally led by male protagonists. And, just like those past controversies, the hullabaloo seems to stem not from fat, neck-bearded nerds and geeks (and male) but the very folk decrying the alleged “abuse” that’s allegedly being hurled in their direction.

Unlike DC’s Wonder Woman, the last female-led superhero blockbuster epic, Captain Marvel has experienced a backlash the likes we haven’t seen since 2016’s disastrous Ghostbusters reboot. Curiously, many of the same players are involved, including the review-aggregating Rotten Tomatoes, hardcore fans, Twitter blue-checks, and the usual suspects who thrive off of such controversies.

Can straight while males fairly review a superhero film starring a female hero? Should they be? Is it even possible to have an intellectually honest conversation about such things in today’s headed environment of diversity and gender inclusion? Sadly, probably not.

Also listen for updates on Safe Space favorites, including Nissan’s Carlos Ghosn, Tesla Motors, and a few other surprises before the week’s next topic rears its ugly head. As much as we try to avoid such topics, there’s sad news afoot as a pair of celebrity deaths touched our cohosts hearts.

The first being Keith Flint, lead singer of the massively influential electronica group The Prodigy, who committed suicide last week at aged 49. Iconic smash-hits that included unforgettable gems like “Firestarter” and “Smack My Bitch Up” made sure that few in the music biz were as immediately identifiable by their subject matter and hairstyle as Flint.

The other sad death might surprise some listeners; Luke Perry, star of the most popular 90s teen soap opera Beverly Hills 90210, passed away following a massive stroke at age 52. Even if you’re not that big a fan of the show, Perry always seemed like one of the nicest guys in the room and 52 was way too young for anyone to pass away, let alone from a stroke.

If you’re feeling blue and it seems like there’s nobody listening – give us a shout-out. Seriously. Email us and we’ll see what happens. If that’s not your cup ‘o tea, however, you can always trust that old standby by calling the Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255. Just remember there’s always someone willing to listen if you’re willing to talk. So talk.