It’s the Safe Spaces Podcast – back from an unexpected hiatus due to unforeseen illness, scheduling conflicts and other general all-purpose calamities. But we persist, often against titanic odds and more. Sometimes, that’s what it takes to bring you this smorgasbord of politically incorrect, often shockingly stupid cross-section of our modern culture. We’re not heroes – we just talk that way.

With our hosts Nathan Evans and special guest Herman Exum taking the show on the road once again, you’ll marvel at just how much can be accomplished on location. Things start off with a brief look at the growing concern over the appropriateness of not just supporting, but also encouraging, prepubescent children to affirm their gender identities. Translation: this means transgender children, a topic where even mentioning it within certain circles will cause both supporters/detractors to blowup into conniptions of outrage, both the physical and moral kinds.

Our talks discuss the gamut of what’s at stake, including the possible erosion of LGBTQ rights for some, and parental rights for others. It’s not a subject they take lightly, so prepare yourselves for an open and genuinely frank look at one of the most controversial subjects of our times.

Our first serious story concerns, appropriately enough, Halloween, which can only mean the latest fracas about ex-Fox News (and now ex-NBC host) Megyn Kelly over her asinine comments regarding Halloween costumes and blackface.  Why on earth anyone – let alone a television personality – would think it wise to defend blackface in any context is a mystery only the ancients could solve, but Kelly’s comments follow similar proclamations by streaming giant Hulu “reminding” adults to choose their Halloween costumes wisely, and not to “appropriate” other cultures in their pursuit of candy and other goodies.

This is ironic, naturally, as Hulu is the very company responsible for setting the now-ubiquitous outfit from their hit show The Handmaid’s Tale on the loose. Unless you happen to be actress/activist Alyssa “Who’s The Boss” Milano, who can’t seem to tell the difference between Strawberry Shortcake and the real thing.

Also featured is an update on the ongoing saga of comedian Hari Kondabolu’s documentary “The Problem With Apu”, which appears to have hit its mark. Reports have The Simpsons’ planning to drop the character, perhaps quietly and with little fanfare. As cohost Nathan Evans, who’s actually spoken to writers/producers of The Simpsons in recent months, the longest-running sitcom in TV history hasn’t used Apu in years, making this a soft victory for misguided censorship. Yay…

Concluding the episode is a super brief look at the state of comedy, namely standup comedy specials and sitcoms. From the rebooted Rosanne-less spinoff The Connors, Murphy Brown in the Age of Trump, the true failures of Saturday Night Live and countless others, it seems that comedy post-George Carlin is in a slump, and that’s not good. Herman shares his list of his past and current favorite comedians you’ll want to check out, an eclectic group that includes Dave Attell, Bill Burr, Mitch Hedberg, Brian Regan, Patrice O’Neal, Eddie Griffin and others. We could all use a laugh right now – a real laugh – so why not make some time for a few funny men (and women) who aren’t afraid to get a little offensive on the road to merriment.