It’s the Safe Spaces Podcast Pre-Thanksgiving Special! Well, it’s special to us, anyway. As millions ready themselves to crisscross around the country to mingle with people they can’t stand to be around most of the time, it’s good to remember the true spirit of the holiday: gorging yourself on both white and dark meat. Obesity should always be inclusive.

But forget Thanksgiving; the real holiday this week is Black Friday! That celebration of capitalism gone off the rails, where consumers around the land congregate in hysterical mobs as they attack and fend off their countrymen (and women – mostly women, actually) in their pursuit of worthless junk. There’s no “great deals” to be had, just re-heated leftovers you didn’t want before. Still, there’s a certain thrill to the combative nature of competitive shopping, one that usually turns deadly as normal citizens turn to Mad Max-style measures to pick the last remaining thing off shelves. God Bless America!

Did you know it’s International Men’s Day, or Week? That’s right: an entire day/week dedicated to the gender that’s basically ruled the roost since time immemorial, warts and all. Our hosts celebrate using a recent conversation by mega troll Piers Morgan’s snarky comments that perhaps one day “being male will one day be illegal”, an observation that may not entirely be untrue. A digression into the insanity of silliness like “toxic masculinity” and other nonsense neologisms designed to preemptively demasculinize arguments and give opponents a linguistic edge.

Did you like Rocky? Maybe you liked Rocky 2, Rocky 3, Rocky 4, possibly Rocky 5 (Go For It!), Rocky Balboa and first spin-off Creed? Well, you’re in luck: there’s another one coming in the form of Creed 2, which is technically the second sequel to the Cold War-busting patriotism of Rocky 4. Our hosts take the time to not just segue into the masculinity-dripping Sylvester Stallone franchise that just won’t quit, but also the difficulties in creating the perfect Hollywood Action Cheese. Not unlike the Safe Spaces favorite Karate Kid reboot Cobra Kai (which you should totally watch in preparation for the upcoming second season).

Would you send your child to a college or academic environment that feared the use of capital letters? You probably shouldn’t, but nothing’s off the table in the pursuit of the ultimate safe space to help keep our future leaders from ever experiencing the trauma of rampant punctuation. We’ve seen this tactic in practice before, though usually with the censorship of specific fashion choices, and it’s likely to continue its culture-munching campaign without much resistance. Just Say No…to capital letters!

Our final story concerns the sad tale of Nissan’s Carlos Ghosn, aka “Mr. Fix It”, the man who not only helped save the Japanese auto industry in the 1990s but could become one of the very few non-Japanese individuals to become a legit superstar in the Land of the Rising Sun. He even has his own manga. His tragic – yet totally self-induced – downfall is one not just of unrestrained power and greed, but also the double-edged sword of how our greatest leaders are often the least morally ambitious.

Ghosn-san’s story is also one of the more interesting in recent times, though you’d be hard-pressed to find much of it within our Trump-obsessed media. Thankfully, our hosts do their part to impart this tale of white-collar crime  in an increasingly black-hearted world. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!