After a few weeks off for a much-needed siesta (and backend retooling) the Safe Spaces Podcast returns with another episode chock-full of scintillating analysis of what’s dominating the zeitgeist both large and small. Even better, sit back and enjoy snippets from your new favorite show, Just William, a moldy oldie from BBC’s distant past based on Richmal Crompton’s pre-war books for young adults. Better still, meet Violet Elizabeth Bott, the adorable little girl who aims feminine guilt at opponents with pinpoint precision, threatening anyone who dare deny her that she’ll “thcream and thcream ’till I’m thick“, and it usually works. Start the fan club now, boys and girls. Just kidding – no boys allowed!

The real fun begins with a look at the bizarre maybe, possibility, quite likely and most certainly story of how Pampers Diapers may (or may not!) remove popular Sesame Street characters from the bottoms of their ecologically disastrous disposal diapers. Word on the street – the Sesame Street? – is that parents are upset about the lack of female muppet representation on their diapers, and that male muppets are too masculine. Pampers has denied the allegations, of course, but that shouldn’t stop a proper look back at the bizarre pop-culture trajectory the Sesame Street brand has taken in recent times.

Next up is a brief look at the resurrected Candice Bergen-starring Murphy Brown sitcom, which returned after a twenty-year break. It joins the ranks of other television revivals, including Will and Grace, Fuller House, and – naturally – Rosanne. Most efforts have largely met with indifference, or morbid curiosity, and the jury’s out where the rebooted Murphy Brown will end up. Co-host Herman is more than happy to share his thoughts, however, and the results may surprise you. Or maybe not.

Did you watch last weekend’s Saturday Night Live? Or, more importantly, did you want the show after the show, starring none other than a MAGA hat-wearing Kanye West? He not only took the opportunity to announce a name change (goodbye Kanye, hello Ye!), but proceeded to go on a Trumpian rant that would leave everyone – fans included – scratching their heads. Things got even more strange in the days after the show, with West (sorry, Ye) continuing his anti-media blitz on Twitter, calling for the abolishment of the 13th amendment and other interesting things.

And finally…the unavoidable. Our hosts simply cannot escape the cultural travesty surrounding the confirmation of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and one of the women accusing him of sexual assault, Christine Blasey Ford. It takes a Herculean effort trying to avoid “taking sides” in such a sad state of affairs – after all, we’re only human.

Should we believe all women? And if so, is that all women, all the time? Should Kavanaugh being white and male automatically disqualify him in the pursuit of diversity and smashing the patriarchy and white male privilege? Whatever happened to due process? Our hosts look not the actual “facts” as presented for consideration but what’s being offered to the American public. It’s a sad day for the nation when the pursuit of “justice” becomes limited to cherry-picked allegations and the suspension of fairness. What a shame. Which is exactly why we’ve got a podcast filled with puppets, diapers, Kanye MAGA and more to help distract you from the circus!