Okay Safe Spacers… this one’s kind of a cheat. Actually it’s more of a recycle – the good kind – from my interview with Emmy Award-winning writer Mike Reiss, one of the creators of animation classics The Critic, Queer Duck and – a bit higher on the totem pole of success – The Simpsons. I spoke with Mike about his new book detailing his experience on the show that will outlast us all: Springfield Confidential: Jokes, Secrets, and Outright Lies from a Lifetime Writing for the Simpsons.

It’s full of behind-the-scene dishes on the show’s strange beginnings, rivalries, gossip, and even a few timely cracks at Michael Jackson. Also, the 1980s classic alien sitcom Alf comes up, frequently. Almost not enough, if I’m being honest.

It’s a fun listen, but if you’re just here for the politically-incorrect goodies you’ll have to skim through most of the interview to get to the goods – Mike’s thoughts on comedian Hari Kondabolu’s ill-timed documentary The Problem with Apu, a subject we’ve discussed on Safe Spaces ad nauseam. Why “ill-time” you might ask? You’ll have to listen to find out the whole story – which was only surprising to those who haven’t been watching the show over the past few years (hint: like Hari Kondabolu!). If nothing else, you’ll learn a few crude new jokes about the King of Pop.