It’s the Safe Spaces Podcast – now serving an incredible Episode 56! Get ready to hear our stunning and brave co-hosts take on the week’s most distressing and degrading news bits, as chosen by the perpetually outraged and never satisfied. Plus, listen as they heroically attempt to reclaim their beloved Planet of the Apes franchise from the racism crowd. Our hairy friends deserve better!

ABC’s update to the 90s blockbuster Rosanne quickly became the year’s breakthrough hit, gathering huge ratings for the network and huge controversies for its unpredictable star. On that… Rosanne lived up to her erratic reputation with a late-night tweet likening Valerie Jarret, a black female member of the Obama administration to the spawn of the Muslim Brotherhood and Planet of the Apes. Needless to say, ABC wasted no time in cancelling the hit show and distancing themselves from its headliner.

But it seemed there was room for even more outrage from the television set; TBS’s Samantha Bee, a real favorite of the Safe Space crowd (if only for inspiring topics) created a stir of her own by publicly labeling President Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump a “feckless cunt”, only to apologize just before collecting an award for social change. MSNBC’s Joy Reid, herself the focus of online outrage over revealed blog posts filled with homophobic, transphobic and possibly anti-Semitic content, has once against apologized after apologizing for lying about being retroactively hacked.

Yes, it’s quite the mess, but two of these women are still gainfully employed. If you wanted to speculate why that is…well, it’s time to join the conversation. Best get ready; this one’s a real doozy.

From double-standards to outright hypocrisy, our hosts go deep into the subconscious of implicit bias and how this manifests, especially in progressive industries like Hollywood, journalism, music, and just about everything else that isn’t Fox News or Talk Radio. Apart from everything else, the real question on everyone’s mind is answered: is it possible for two straight while males to feel offended in an age when absolutely everyone – minus straight while males – are encouraged to feel offended at every possible opportunity?

Before they sign off our hosts say goodbye to popular gaming personality TotalBiscuit, i.e. John Peter Bain, who passed away at the age of 33 following a fierce battle with cancer. A controversial figure, he may have been the victim of an online smear campaign following the #GamerGate debacle… or may not. Like so much of today’s “informed opinion”, facts become stubborn things when nobody can agree what they actually are.

Also on deck are long-awaited updates on the latest Hollywood offerings, including Anton’s gushing take on YouTube’s Karate Kid spin-off show Cobra Kai (still the year’s best!), about why the new movie Upgraded will please fans of manly action movies like RoboCop and Total Recall, and how you shouldn’t miss Netflix’s Dear White People series. Nate updates fans that while Solo: A Star Wars Story may be the franchise’s first bomb it’s still worth seeing, if only to erase the unpleasantness of The Last Jedi from their cinematic palates.