It’s another guest-filled episode of the Safe Spaces Podcast – and by guest we mean just one, but that’s more than enough! On deck is Corey Janzen, aka Mr. Dragonbeard from, joining our insatiably intrepid hosts as they take on several of the most incendiary news bits of the day. Here we go!

And they come out swinging: up first it’s a look at the recent Supreme Court ruling for Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission, or the Gay Cake Case between friends. How this supposed “narrow ruling” may – or may not – affect private businesses and individuals remains to be seen, but we won’t let that stop a delicious little conversation, topped with only the finest confectionery conjecturing. Yum!

Did you hear that ABC’s Rosanne reboot quickly became the most popular show on TV? You probably did! Did you also hear the show was cancelled even more quickly following a race-tinged tweet by its unpredictable matriarch? Ditto. Whether rash or rational, both hosts and guest take a look at how the future of broadcasting may be affected less by virtue signaling and more, ultimately, by the almighty bottom dollar.

From here the guys make the landing with a recap of online trolling gone mad, tracing everything from the strange relationship between US President Trump and Canadian PM Justin Truedeu, toxic Star Wars fandom, the #MeToo Movement, feminism, social justice warriors, the inescapable cultural loss of Christopher Hitchens and George Carlin, the odious #GamerGate fiasco, and even strikingly similar statements by self-appointed social critic Anita Sarkeesian and President Trump about violence in videogames (and the root causes – or lack thereof). Separated at birth or false-equivalence? You decide – we’ll be here all week!