It’s Episode 51 of the Safe Spaces Podcast – now leaner, meaner, and more download-friendly than ever before! As we switch over to our new twice-monthly format, here’s another jam-packed episode brimming with politically incorrect goodness and sensible arguments. Yes, it’s totally possible to have both!

Activists, activists everywhere – but not a leader in sight. As the gun control debate continues to rage on your observant co-hosts deconstruct what’s really going on, and why it’s never a good idea to trust your intellectual argument to ignorant 17 year-old “victims” (as though you needed a reason). Proceed with caution.

The View’s Joy Behar insults Christians, specifically VP Mike Pence. Pence, in turn, becomes offended. It never ends – or does it? The war of words over religious intolerance has never been quite so…banal. It’s also as good a place as any to chime in on the whole topic, which we totally do.

Want to learn something about the Xbox? Specifically, the Xbox One gaming console and how it relates to Amazon Prime’s poorly run Amazon Video department? Well, you’re in luck! With the launch of Sea of Thieves there’s plenty of attention being paid to Microsoft’s ever-dwindling number of exclusives for loyal Xbox users; but will digital online piracy be enough?

And finally… quitting Facebook. That’s the dream, and thanks to a fortunate number of embarrassing scandals, it’s never been easier – or more popular. But there are better reasons to say goodbye to Mark Zuckerberg’s info-sucking social platform than mere scandals, and your friendly co-hosts aren’t hesitant to share them.