Happy Anniversary! It’s our birthday – sort of. The Safe Spaces Podcast celebrates its first anniversary with an extra-special Episode 50 chock-full of plenty of controversial muck-raking and zeitgeist grabbing headlines guaranteed to titillate, infuriate, and inspire heated conversation across the country. So yeah, same as always. Why fix what ain’t broken?

Have you seen Black Panther yet? The movie’s made serious bank, so chances are you have. While they’ve talked about Marvel’s blockbuster in previous episodes the circle is now complete as our hosts take one more adventure in the land of Wakanda. Unfortunately, this means also stepping foot in that “other” Disney film, A Wrinkle in Time, which opens this weekend against a still-powerful Black Panther. Whether intentional or not, what follows is the inevitable compare and contrasting of these two very different, yet similar productions that may change the very color of Hollywood as we know it.

Perhaps you’ve heard the recent calls for gun control legislation? Perhaps you’ve also heard about the link between violent videogames and said gun violence. If any of this sounds confusing, don’t worry, as you’re not alone. Thanks to a public conversation being conducted by charlatans and unqualified rubes there’s little chance of any meaningful legislation or positive changes for any of those industries affected (think guns, games, and more), but that won’t stop your Safe Space hosts from doing their best. Listen to a spirited talk about gun confiscation, connections between virtual violence and the real thing, and even a surprising admission that both sides – however crazy – may have points worth listening to.

Also: thanks to everyone who’s listened, shared, and commented throughout the past year. While cash is best, your thoughtful support is a great second-best. Here’s to another year of unfiltered opinion and honest conversation!