It’s the Safe Spaces Podcast Episode 49 – Road Trip Edition! That’s right, fans and foes alike: one of your favorite Space Spaces hosts embarks on a cross-country trip in the last comfortable way possible, recording this very episode on the road – literally! We’re not even kidding – it’s space-age stuff. So please forgive any technical hiccups as we’ve got the best crackerjack production team limited funds can buy on the case!

Things start off with something of an update: comedy “legend” Mo’Nique’s quest to publicly shame streaming giant Netflix into a bigger payout for a future comedy special continues to fail spectacularly as she confronts the coven of women on The View, particularly actual media legend Whoopi Goldberg, who proceed to school the Oscar-winning actress and complainer about how promotion works. While not the epic takedown the media has made it out to be, Whoopi shares sage advice to anyone who ever dreamed of

Have you seen Marvel’s blockbuster Black Panther yet? Maybe the question should be how many times have you seen Black Panther yet? Half of your Safe Space hosts have and is here to report back (short answer: yes, it’s pretty good). But the real question is: is Black Panther the most important, generation-defining culture movement it’s being played up to be? And is Killmonger the best Marvel cinematic villain (yet) or what? Wakanda be kidding me!

All jokes aside, we conclude this nationally recorded episode on something of a downer: gun control. Specifically, gun control as being played out in the media by the use of underage survivors from (only) the most recent mass school shooting in Florida. Perhaps you’ve seen these kids on your television or smartphone screens, and if you haven’t…don’t worry, you will. Our hosts talk whether the media’s use of children in their coverage of mass shootings and gun control is what’s sure to be one hell of an election year isn’t appropriate or not, but moral.