It’s the Safe Spaces Podcast, now on Episode 48! It’s a somber mood for your trusty co-hosts as they do their best to avoid the inevitable “unpleasantness’ you’ll find elsewhere, so forgive the innuendo as we attempt to lighten the mood with some more much-needed distractions about – what else? – racism and sexism! Oh, boy!

Did you hear that actor Jeffrey Tambor was fired from Amazon Studious? Can the star (and starring attraction) from the online retailer/streaming giant’s marquee show, Transparent, mean the show will go on? Probably not, but it’s a nice segue into the larger picture of Hollywood using propaganda to sell their television and movies, chiefly Disney’s upcoming Black Panther. Hold onto your hats, comic fans, as you’re gonna want to sit through this one until the very end. God bless the nation of Wakanda!

Yes, there was a massive school shooting in Florida. A pretty terrible one, by any measure, and you’re sure to hear all about it elsewhere. While our co-hosts skirt the issue as best they can, the inevitable is that a discussion must be had. And since it won’t be happening anytime soon on CNN, Fox, and the rest of the news-world, we dance around the subject with care.

But still…were there drugs involved? As in, “where there psychologically enhancing/depressing drugs” involved? Also, every piece of evidence points to the fact the shooter has a “known element” to law enforcement and the school system, and possibly the FBI. Why was someone allowed to openly threaten the school with a mass shooting and not be in custody, or at the very least allowed to have guns (indeed, have and film himself training with them). So many, many questions…and very little possibility of answers given the politicized climate we’re in (and about to find ourselves entrenched: the 2018 elections).