It’s Safe Spaces Episode 47! It’s an episode marked by illness, technical hiccups, and so much more. Excuse our tardiness as we hammer things out – on with the show!

Our favorite Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, made international headlines after “correcting” a female constituent in Edmonton, Alberta for incorrectly using the term “mankind”; the handsome PM, in a highly teachable moment, instead offered the more inclusive term “peoplekind”. While some chuckled at the idea of the world’s most “woke” politician having to “mansplain” to a woman – who herself was in the midst of extoling the virtues of the matriarchy – he later suggested the “fix” was actually a joke gone bad.

It’s possible that Trudeau was just being the affable soul he’s known to be, displaying his “with it” cred for all the world to see. However, it’s good to remember that he’s also the leader of an industrialized nation that, just last year, saw the passing of Canadian Senate passed Bill C-16, which aims to extend protections against “hate speech” perpetrated against members of the LGBTQ community.

Protections? Or exclusion by way of inclusion? All this leads to a brief segue into the rights – and demands – of those affected most by the goals of the LGBTQ community; the people IN the LGBTQ community themselves. You might be surprised where the conversation leads this time around.

While our hosts keep things (relatively) focused on language, linguists, and other verbalized historical fun, they also have time to catch up on a few non-language moments of the week. Sadly, producer Jill Messick, who once repped Rose McGowan, committed suicide after being named as a “responsible party” in the latter’s very public mental breakdown. Just last week, our hosts suggested the continuing madness of the #MeToo movement was going to add collateral damage and unintentional victims to its tally. Unfortunately, we don’t think Messick will be the last before the dust settles.