It’s the Safe Space Podcast, now serving up an oversized Episode 46! Our first-year anniversary is nearly here, so why not settle down for a jam-packed episode that spans everything from radical activism, the #MeToo movement gone awry, President Trump, and one totally unhinged Hollywood starlet who could use a break from the spotlight. On with the show!

Did you watch the 2018 Grammys? Probably not, as this year’s musically-inclined telecast notched one of (if not the) lowest audiences in its 70-year history. For whatever reason, it’s a great jumping off point for demonstrating how two people (or movements) can see the exact same event (or statement) in entirely different ways. Case in point: if you think every American citizen chasing the American Dream is a DREAMer, you might be racist. Or patriotic. Toe-May-To, Tuh-Mah-To!

Which leads us to this week’s biggest story: Actress/Activist/Model/Etc. Rose McGowan is on tour to help promote her new book (Brave), documentary series (Citizen Rose), possible upcoming album (?), and generally herself. The self-proclaimed “architect” of disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein’s downfall, McGowan hasn’t exactly handled herself well, especially when she’s confronted by people who haven’t engineered faux safe-space environments to maximize their exposure of her mental state, or lack thereof. One recent incident, involving a trans activist, made this discrepancy abundantly clear this week.

What follows is a difficult conversation about sexual abuse, its victims, and how such things should never, ever be shamelessly exploited by the idiots running Tinsel Town. Which, of course, they totally are. Pretty shameful, if you ask us.