The Space Spaces Podcast arrives at Episode 45; not quite acclaimed, but still hanging in there on the edge of breakout success and looking mighty good in the process. When you’re near the bottom things are always looking on the bright side (literally), and there’s nowhere else to go but up. Because, after all, it’s an honor just to be nominated. Now all we have to do is get ourselves nominated for something.

The 2018 Academy Award nominations are here! From heavy hitters like Get Out, Dunkirk and Darkest Hour to little-seen gems like Lady Bird, The Shape of Water and Phantom Thread our hosts dig deep into who will win, who SHOULD win, and who couldn’t possibly win because they weren’t even nominated – looking at YOU, Wonder Woman. Oscar Gold is still a few weeks off, but get prepared as our hosts make short work on how winning big may be the worst thing to happen, especially for acclaimed actresses.

Speaking of Academy Award-winning actresses failing to live up to their newfound Oscar potential, things quickly turn to Oscar-winner Mo’Nique and her failed attempt to publicly humiliate streaming giant Netflix into giving her a larger payout for a planned comedy special. In trying to play the race/gender discrimination card she – a black woman – chose possibly the worst examples to make her case: Amy Schumer, Chris Rock, and Dave Chappelle. Oops.

Finally, things wrap up with a look back at the ongoing legal battle between talk radio host Dennis Prager and Google, the former challenging the latter’s decision to exclude and demonetize those videos they don’t “agree” with. Host Anton makes a startling revelation about his once-firm belief that private companies should be allowed to discriminate against anyone they choose. Throw in some delicious gay wedding cake/Supreme Court asides for good measure and you’ve got one hell of an entertaining chat on display.