It’s the Safe Spaces Podcast! Now delivering a tasty, fat-friend Episode 44 directly to your podcast app, streaming service, or “other” device-of-choice. As we inch closer to our incredible One-Year anniversary of ignoring naysayers and exercising the choicest of free speech choices, there’s much to snag and grub on in this high-calories episode of fat-shaming fun!

From Street Fighter to Mortal Kombat to the upcoming reboot of Tomb Raider, Hollywood seems to be endlessly fascinated with videogames. Specifically, making bad movies out of videogames. Maybe you’re one of the few that liked Assassin’s Creed or weren’t bothered by Angelina Jolie’s shark-punching antics. Most have been terrible, true, but there’s silver linings for those willing to overlook little things like plot, acting, and acceptable directing.

Plus, it seems our hosts aren’t quite done with talking Star Wars: The Last Jedi just yet. Get ready for one of the truest comparisons you’ve ever heard as the latest chapter in the Skywalker Saga gets contrasted with that other 40+ year old Hollywood franchise still featuring its original hero’s journey from star to mentoring role (hint: it’s not The Goonies).

President Trump is crazy! President Trump is fat! He may actually be racist, too! Well, you can scratch (at least) one of those off the list as results of the most anticipated health report in recent history were released this week. While overweight and in desperate need of shedding his beloved fried chicken and Big Mac diet, Trump definitely isn’t nuts. At least, not in the Constitutionally relevant (25th Amendment) way. This hasn’t set well with some of the President’s biggest foes (in the media), which can only mean one thing: fat-shaming is back in style, baby! Screw genetics!

Making waves this week was the astonishing interview between Channel 4 “presenter” Cathy Newman and clinical psychologist and professor Jordan B Peterson, which was really less an interview and more a masterpiece in social science take-down logic. It’s the best 30-minutes you’ll spend watching YouTube this week. And after the Google-owned streaming giant decided to prematurely demonetize a huge portion of their loyal userbase, it should probably be the only 30-minutes of YouTube you watch this week. No lobsters were hurt during the discussion of this video (though we can’t say the same for a certain “presenter”).