It’s Safe Spaces Episode 43! And what a number that is. What better way to get the party started than with a little help from Tommy Wiseau (The Room)…or is that James Franco (playing Wiseau in The Disaster Artist)? In this climate of perpetual grievances, it’s hard to tell what’s offensive or who’s being offensive anymore. On with the show!

The 2018 Golden Globes made headlines this week, for reasons you might not have expected. Maybe your favorite actor and/or director won something, maybe they weren’t even nominated. Who cares, because CONTROVERSY! And few post-wins were as controversial as James Franco, the latest celeb in the news as #MeToo allegations have targeted The Disaster Artist star, all but torpedoing any chance of Oscar Gold later this year.

But that’s not all, the question on everyone’s mind now is: could television mogul and billionaire host Oprah Winfrey be a serious Presidential contender in 2020? In the Age of Trump, anything is possible. What a world!

The rest of the show is something of a blur as our hosts cascade through a veritable cornucopia of new and revisited controversies spanning Hollywood, Silicon Valley, and Washington shenanigans and other stupidities. Unfair wage gaps for superstars (and some less super)! Google gets sued! YouTube ‘fires’ controversial asshat Logan Paul! Should they be sued? Should they be firing popular influencers? Is President Donald Trump psychologically insane? And should we be listening to someone as ignorant as (Safe Spaces favorite) Bill Nye? So many questions, so few answers…just the way you like it!

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