On this special truncated episode of the Safe Spaces we’re celebrating not just Episode 40, but a brand-new episode of Star Wars as George Lucas’ saga turns 40 with the release of Star Wars (Episode 8): The Last Jedi. Leaving the turbulent world of politics and cultural insanity aside, our co-hosts use the force to focus on just a single topic. But man alive, what a topic.

For those of you who’ve yet to see the film, no worries; this is a relatively spoiler-free talk about the latest chapter in Disney’s rebooted/continued Star Wars saga. Our hosts go through various plot points and elements while coming oh-so-close to big reveals and spoiling some of The Last Jedi’s biggest – and most controversial – moments, but aren’t afraid to share their most intimate thoughts about what went right (and wrong). Listen, you should. There is no try!