It’s the penultimate episode (before Christmas) of Space Spaces as we’ve reached magic number 39; to help celebrate we’ve got a real doozy for curious listeners. Has there ever been a time when so much talk about sex has been anything but sexy? Yup, it’s gonna be one of those shows – best settle in now.

And what a week it’s been; beleaguered comedian-turned-politician Al Franken has announced his premature retirement from the Senate, owing to multiple allegations of sexual harassment and improper touching. He’s leaving, but not quietly. Stay tuned for a lively chat about Franken’s famously unpleasant attitude, his equally famous fights with (also sexually disposed host) Bill O’Reilly, and even some unwanted forays into surprisingly sultry Bigfoot Erotica (yes, it exists).

From TIME Magazine’s recently announced “Person of the Year” (which is, oddly enough, a hashtag #MeToo), the allegations, rumors, and accusations of sexual debauchery aren’t likely to end anytime soon. While talk of even the possibilities of false accusations may be unpleasant to some, it’s talk that needs to be had.

Perhaps you’ve seen HBO host John Oliver’s altercation with actor Dustin Hoffman regarding the latter’s experiences in the touchy subject; some 35 years after Hoffman’s iconic role in TOOTSIE, how much has changed for those women in Hollywood, and how much hasn’t?

You’ve probably heard that President Trump has declared Jerusalem the capital of Israel, and that the USA will be moving their embassy there. What you probably haven’t heard is that such a thing already happened – nearly twenty years ago with the passage of the 1995 Jerusalem Embassy Act (which was, again, just renewed this June). Naturally, this hasn’t pleased some Muslims and progressives, who predict Trump’s actions will only escalate worldwide terror. Maybe so, maybe not; what follows is the conversation that should be happening on mainstream news and in the public sphere, not just on your favorite politically incorrect podcast.

And finally, this week’s show concludes on a non-news subject with co-host Anton’s favorite topic: atheism! Or should that be agnosticism. Or possibly both. When it comes to atheists you never know what you’ll get – just like the afterlife! Thank you, thank you…we’ll be here all week. Tip your waiter.

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