It’s a Safe Spaces Thanksgiving Special! Well, kind of. For Episode 37 we’ve got a post-Turkey Day show overstuffed with politically incorrect goodness, laced with all the trimmings you’d expect. A heartfelt goodbye to television icon Della Reese (RIP) leads the way to bigger, uglier things. The turkeys might be digesting, but there’s plenty of leftovers worth reheating.

For those wise enough to avoid the yearly congestion and insanity known as Black Friday, this one’s for you, as our hosts tear down the ugliness of capitalism at its worst. From here it’s a healthy return to our least favorite topic – sexual scandals run amuck! As Hollywood continues its downward spiral of assaults and accusations it’s anyone’s guess who’s next on the chopping block. The most prominent of the week is none other than Pixar’s legendary John Lasseter, who’s taken a 6-month leave of absence from his job to “better himself”, though whether he’ll return is up in the air.

The recent glut of accusations has also led to inevitable false accusations, charges of hypocrisy, and even a little of both. Nobody embodies this filthy combination better than Lena Dunham, and our hosts have a grand time deconstructing how dangerous false idols can be when the hordes are displeased. Whether it’s sexual assault or simple workplace “diversity”, there’s plenty to chew on as our hosts tear into this veritable feast of content.

Capping off this week’s post-holiday topics is a slight throwback to Halloween and our favorite villains – Nazis! The videogame Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus didn’t sell as well as some expected, which must have come as a shock to the usual muckrakers who expected our current “anti-Nazi” climate to translate into big bucks at retailers across the nation. They thought wrong, and our hosts are more than happy to rip apart one propaganda piece from to explain why that is. If you hate sloppy politics – and sloppy reporting – as much as we do, you’re gonna want to stick around for the end. Trust us.