The Safe Spaces Podcast reaches a historic Episode 35, which in people years means we’d be eligible to run for President of the United States. Can a podcast fun for the highest office in the land? Stranger things have happened, and we’re not talking about a certain Netflix show…

In adherence to Veteran’s Day (and for timing issues) we’re keeping things short and sweet for this round of politically incorrect, yet highly therapeutic, talk about the issues of the day. Sadly, those issues continue to be the never-ending list of sexual assault and improper allegations against celebrities – and the subject of today’s messiness is none other than George Takei.

From ex-Daily Show host John Stewart laughing off the likelihood that friend Louie C.K. (who recently admitted his accusers were being truthful) to ex-Presidential candidate Mitt Romney denying the critical value of due process (if he doesn’t like you), there’s plenty of raw meat on the menu to gnaw and thrash over. As co-host Anton asks – what if someone you loved were accused?

None of these problems are going to be resolved on a simple, well-intentioned podcast, however, just as none are going to be resolved by simply substituting one evil for another. But there’s still plenty that needs discussing, and we’re happy to provide solid footing for a good old-fashioned launch pad.