Episode 34 of the Safe Spaces Podcast kicks off with a look backward – to the 1990s! That’s right, our favorite family sitcom featuring anthropomorphic dinosaurs returns with a clip that’s entirely relevant in these crazy times when freedom of speech itself has become controversial. What a world we live in when talking dinosaurs make more sense than politicians and the educated elite. Gotta love me!

Have you heard that Sony recently showed off a new trailer for the upcoming game The Last of Us 2? Maybe you’ve heard said trailer depicted violence against women, which simply can’t be tolerated. Or so we thought… A lively discussion about what gender equality in media actually means awaits you, and it’s a doozy.

The Cato Institute just released “The State of Free Speech and Tolerance in America”, their massively comprehensive polling detailing American’s feeling on freedom of speech, microaggressions, and all of the peccadilloes we love on the Safe Spaces Podcast. The results are…surprising. Well, surprising if you’re not an avid listener, while those with common sense will chuckle “Yeah, we could’ve told you that.” We have!

From here is, yet again, another massive examination about Hollywood’s continuing issues with sexual assault, harassment, and all that other uncomfortably icky stuff. The subjects this week are none other than Kevin Spacey, Brett Ratner, and anyone else who found themselves accused of sexual impropriety since we began recording. At this rate, there won’t be anyone left to film all those hit shows and movies, so best enjoy that final season of House of Cards while you can.

Our hosts talk the curious hypocrisy facing males who allege sexual abuse, as evidenced by the plight of Cory Feldman. Whether these alleged ‘victims’ are being completely honest, or taking advantage to hock products or services, is irrelevant. Coming to terms with abuse can be tough for anyone; having to battle against ingrained stereotypes that one’s sex makes this somehow ‘easier’ is something worth talking about.

We conclude with a listen at former First Lady Michelle Obama’s philosophy about how society raises boys differently than girls, and how protecting male privilege may give our grown men a sense of entitlement. There’s not much left to say – but we do our best!