Happy Halloween everyone! You’ve reached the Safe Spaces Podcast, now serving a piping hot Episode 33, complete with a new opening montage and wonderfully appropriate sample from the best werewolf movie ever made. It’s got horror! Comedy! Thrills! Chills! Yes, we’re talking about An American Werewolf in London, but we’re also talking Safe Spaces. Come join the fun…we won’t bite. OK, maybe just a nibble.

Nintendo expects to share the great joy called Super Mario Odyssey with the world this week for those lucky Switch owners, as the latest sure-to-blockbuster has been garnering stellar reviews and glowing recommendations. Our two hosts plan to spend time with Nintendo’s mascot as soon as possible, and we hope you enjoy their infectious nerd-out about the continuing relevance for Mario and the general health of the gaming industry. Oh, this being Halloween (and a talk about the Switch), more DOOM!

The gaming talk continues with Holly Green’s piece over at Paste Magazine entitled “The Physical Glass Ceiling: When The Git Gud Mentality Turns Ableist“, and how ultra-difficult games like Microsoft’s hit boss-battling platformer Cuphead may (or may not) contribute to marginalizing of handicapped, nee disabled gamers.

Perhaps you’ve heard that the state of California has decided to lower the criminal penalty for ‘knowingly’ exposing or infecting unsuspecting people with HIV. Yes, the infection that, left untreated with costly and life-changing drug cocktails, is likely to result in full-blown AIDS (and even likelier a very painful death), is now considered a mere misdemeanor infraction in the very place the epidemic first began. On the subject, our usually reserved (chuckle) co-host Nathan isn’t pleased; wind him up and watch him go, just make sure to stay out of the way. Shameful, California, shameful.

Conservative radio host Dennis Prager is suing Google’s YouTube over what he feels is unfair treatment of his content, via his paid-service PragerU, over demonetization efforts that have swept the streaming giant’s more *ahem* conservative content. The same already affected Safe Space guests Diamond and Silk, and more are sure to come. Does this merit a lawsuit that would, conceivably, force YouTube to pay content creators they disagree with for “violating” their hopelessly non-transparent policies? A lively talk on free speech, the Fairness Doctrine, monopolies, and more in the digital age await those willing to pay attention!

From here things conclude with a look at CNN’s frightening new “It’s An Apple” advertisement, which would have you believe that Ted Turner’s network is still the bastion of ‘good journalism’. Remember – it’s an apple, not a banana. You can totally trust us. We swear. Why aren’t you trusting us…?