The Safe Spaces Podcast hits Episode 31 without missing a beat! As fires rage in California and the threat of nuclear annihilation persists across the Pacific, the world turns to the only podcast worth a damn. OK, one of the only podcasts worth a damn. A pretty good, at the very least. We swear.

We thought last week’s talk about disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein would be a one-off; we thought wrong! Since the scandal broke there’s only been more, lewder, accusations of sexual harassment and assault, but that’s not all. Word has it that practically everyone is Tinsel Town knew about Weinstein’s philandering and debauchery, with allegations of cover-ups by some of the biggest A-list superstars and even media outlets playing hard to keep things hush-hush.

Our hosts talk about this perceived “rape culture” epidemic you may have heard about, including a rather shocking admission by co-host Anton how he might have gotten the whole thing wrong. Or maybe not.

From there things veer to the Boy Scouts of America, which recently announced their plan to include girls into the program. Interestingly, the Girl Scouts also reaffirmed their stance to keep boys out of their ranks, citing evidence young women learn best around other young women.

James O’Keefe’s controversial Project Veritas strikes again, this time with revealing video about how The New York Times maintains and operates its aggregation and ‘viral’ stories, thanks to a little help from friends over at YouTube and beyond. As more and more media outlets play Kingmaker, the line between ‘news’ and plain propaganda begin to blur, as evidenced by the above-mentioned Weinstein scandals.

Also, you may have heard there’s a new trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Who are we kidding – of course you did! As did our hosts, who break down the middle-installment of the latest Skywalker-themed Star Wars trilogy due in theaters this December. It’s probably a good idea to familiarize yourselves with some of the new characters, especially the Porgs. Those things are going to be everywhere. EVERYWHERE.