Welcome back to the Safe Spaces Podcast – now hitting a glorious Episode 30! As the numbers continue to climb and our social media hasn’t been (fingers-crossed) suspended yet again, things are starting to look better than ever. With that in mind, please excuse this truncated – yet still totally great – episode ringing in our grand thirtieth.

Things start off with the sad passing of legendary rock star Tom Petty, who passed away earlier this week at the young age of 66. The details of his death notwithstanding, our hosts talk their favorite Petty moments, songs, videos, and more.

From there things turn a little kinkier – and not the good kind. Harvey Weinstein, perhaps the single most powerful producer in Hollywood, is currently battling a myriad of sexual harassment allegations that stretch back decades. We’ve already heard about massive payouts and icky sexual details, and there’s bound to be plenty more before the dust settles. Weinstein was also a top Democratic donator and hugely influential voice for practically every progressive cause you could think of. The fallout for everyone could be tremendous.

From there our hosts tackle the week’s most disheartening news, the senseless mass shooting that took place in Las Vegas during the Route 91 Harvest, a 3-day country music festival. Stephen Paddock, the crazed 64-year old gunman, killed 58 people and wounded 489 others from the vantage point of his hotel room. Was he mentally ill, a terrorist, or acting out for some unknown political reason?

Nobody knows at this point, but that hasn’t stopped the usual squawkers from pinning blame wherever they can. However, a creeping sense that simply blaming the ‘other’ for this tragedy isn’t the answer, and a surprising number of reasoned, factual commentary has already been written. Our hosts engage in a discussion on the state of gun control and what – if any – such ‘symbolic legislation’ could mean for 2nd Amendment supporters.

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