Our hosts mix things up a bit for Episode 28 of the Safe Spaces Podcast by toning down a bit of the vitriol and stupidity gumming up the works. Much of the week’s usual nonsense is left on the cutting room floor for this episode; that means minimal Trump, zero Hillary, and practically none of the usual celebrity hi-jinks that makes culling the wheat from the chafe such a delight.

So what can fans expect from a podcast usually dripping with the latest and greatest screeds and hyperbolic pronouncements? Well, a frank and honest discussion about the never-ending controversies over bakers and the gay wedding cakes they refuse to make. Anton brings in outside opinions about cakes, online retailers, wage gaps, and a whole lot more. Seriously, there’s a lot here to unpack, so let’s get unpacking!

Also, a special treat for those who only came for the pop-culture segment; we’ve got that a ’plenty! In case you haven’t heard, there’s a new Tomb Raider reboot on the way starring Oscar-winner Alicia Vikander (who is, incidentally, the second Oscar-winner to play the role after Angelina Jolie). The new film looks practically like a videogame itself, which may – or may not – be a good thing. Also, director James Cameron returns to his Terminator franchise to launch a new trilogy that brings back Linda Hamilton as the original Sarah Conner. Forget that her character ‘died’ in Terminator 3, as it looks like Cameron and director Tim Miller (Deadpool) are going to forget that movie ever existed.

Finally, the original King of Comedy Mel Brooks has been making waves yet again with his proclamation that our politically correct landscape is ‘killing comedy’, and how classic films like Blazing Saddles could never be made today. Whether true or not, we don’t really need an excuse to play a good Mel Brooks tune, and that’s just what we’re doing here. Thank us later.

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