The Safe Spaces Podcast reaches Episode 27 – the most dangerous number for a certain type of rock star. But our intrepid hosts are sallying forth, secure in the knowledge their sell-by date for dying young has long, long expired.

Did you see the critically-acclaimed reboot of Stephen King’s IT? A lot of people did, including Anton, and he’s got two-cents to share! Are you planning on buying the new iPhone? Or should that be iPhones? Exactly what is your religion, anyway? Nostalgia meets consumerism meets fundamentalism in strange, crazy ways.

Can Silicon Valley remake the bodega? Or, for that matter, just what the heck is a bodega, anyway? And where are there so many cats? A look at how internet-powered bodega kiosks have inflamed the regular gaggle of the perpetually aggrieved. Color us surprised.

Looking for a quick date/shotgun marriage and don’t want the unpleasantness of ‘baby’? Well, you’re in luck: OKCupid has joined forces with Planned Parenthood by letting would-be lovers filter Pro Life singles from their available selection. We’re honestly flabbergasted this could actually be seen as a negative.

Failed Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has embarked on a massive tour to promote her new book, “What Happened”, which aims to answer every question about her stunning loss – except what actually happened. Enjoy the never-ending blame game as Clinton poorly attempts to rationalize her loss to Donald Trump, comparing herself to Game of Thrones evil queen, and how the entire world is stacked against her.

Finally, we’ve got the strange tale of rapper XXXTentacion, whose new video for “Look At Me” attempts to mix the typical hip-hop hi-jinks of sex and violence with – wait for it – an emotional tribute about the racial violence experienced by all citizens of these United States. And by ‘emotional tribute’ we mean simulating the lynching of a young boy. Is there such a thing as ‘black privilege’, and do white people actually care? Also, what type of parent would allow their child to be lynched for a music video? In a Safe Spaces first, co-host Nathan Evans attempts to logically rap the lyrics to the controversial ditty…and fails miserably.

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