Welcome back, boys and girls, to the Safe Spaces Podcast. Were at Episode 26 now, wouldn’t you know, so perhaps it’s time for a little ghoulish fun and delight with one of our most favorite subjects: scary clowns!

Actually…that’s not true. We’re not sure who the target demo is, but for some reason Hollywood loves scary clowns, about as much as they love adapting Steven King stories for the silver screen. Which sorta explains why there’s another version of IT coming out this week, don’t you think?

While nobody will ever totally replace the great Tim Curry’s epic television-styled Pennywise, it looks like he’ll have good company in Bill Skarsgård’s freakishly icky take on King’s most iconic villain. Our hosts take the opportunity to talk killer clowns (not from outer space), the return of 1980s nostalgia, and whether kids will think IT cribs from Stranger Things and not the other way around.

Star Trek vet, actor, and creator of the most epic exasperation ever (“Oh Myyyyyyy”) George Takei is set to produce an adaptation of Jamie Ford’s best-selling novel Hotel On The Corner Of Bitter And Sweet, a love story set in the tragic world of Japanese internment camps during WW2. Maybe you’ve heard the recent cries of “white-washing!” coming from every corner of Hollywood and beyond, so our hosts dissect how such a production could benefit all those involved.

As a bonus, they’ve included other white-washing controversies currently stirring the social pop, including reboots of Hellboy and Disney’s Aladdin. White-washing for everyone!

You may have heard that director Colin Trevorrow (Jurassic World), once slated to direct Star Wars Episode XI, isn’t directing Star Wars Episode XI anywhere. A lively discussion of why this might be, and how unbridled opportunity for up-and-coming directors could stand a little more spreading around.

Speaking of surprising history (we were speaking about it, right?), you might be surprised to learn something about Stand Watie; the Cherokee Nation leader who was also a general for the Confederacy (!) during the US Civil War, leading his Indian cavalry against Northern troops. Is it possible to ‘forget’ history that you’ve never learned?

On the subject of surprisingly controversial Cherokee history, you also might be surprised to learn that a court just ruled Black descendants of Cherokee-held slaves, Cherokee Freedmen, were eligible for full citizenship in the second-largest Native-American tribe in the United States. Let’s discuss!

Things wrap up with just a bit of political outrage this week, with President Trump’s decision to rescind DACA protections against so-called “DREAMERS” (i.e. children of illegal aliens brought into the country as children) the most outrage-inducing for some. Toss in some egregious fake news from late-night propagandist/host Stephen Colbert regarding Trump’s apparent failure to meet with victims of Hurricane Harvey (it totally didn’t happen, you know, so don’t believe your lying eyes) and you’ve got the perfect storm of stupidity for a week chock-full of it.

Speaking of perfect storms, to those readers/listeners affected by Hurricane Irma, stay safe, and get the hell off the beach. As a great man once said, “you’ve maximized your tan.” Oh, my!