The Safe Spaces Podcast reaches the all-important Episode 25 with a (slightly) late, yet still great, jam-packed show of fun and frivolity. It’s even better as it arrives just in time for your lazy, overlong Labor Day Weekend. Because that’s how you’ll be spending your day off; listening to a free-speech laden podcast about last week’s news. How very topical of you!

Right out of the gate our hosts are blazing on all 8-cylinders as they take on the recent ruckus that’s caused theaters to pull screenings of the 1939 blockbuster film Gone With the Wind, citing “racial insensitivity.” It shouldn’t be long before the Vivien Leigh and Clark Gable Southern romance joins the ranks of Disney’s own ‘banned’ masterpiece, Song of the South, in the celluloid dustbin of unacceptability. Looks like no bluebirds of happiness for you.

Note: Hattie McDaniel (Wind) and James Baskett (Song) were the first two black actors to receive Academy Awards for their roles in their respective films? Forget the eclipse; it’s total erasure for everyone. Erasure all-around!

Did you hear there’s a new gender-swapped version of Lord of the Flies on the way? That’s right: yet another version of William Golding’s 1954 epic about ‘toxic masculinity’ that saw a group of stranded boys completely FUBAR their island makeshift utopia. For whatever reason, the planned remake has been causing an unusual amount of backlash and ridicule, though probably not for the reasons you’re thinking. An island of stranded young females building their own society? What could possibly go wrong!

An update on the Great White Girl War of 2017, i.e. Taylor Swift versus Katy Perry (and everyone else whose music sounds exactly the same). Seems Taylor released a new song, and it’s pretty popular. If you haven’t yet heard it, don’t worry: corporate America will drill that sucker into your brain before long. As our hosts point out: when did white girl power-pop music start functioning exactly like black gangsta rap from the 1990s? It’s a strange, strange world we live in when you’re forced to be Team Taylor or Team Perry. Whoever wins, we all lose.

Also, did you see our own double-dipping extra treat for the week? After much ballyhooing, our hosts finally got to chat with the director of the upcoming animated short about black female hair, appropriately titled HAIR LOVE; check it out!