If there’s one trend that nobody here at the Safe Spaces Podcast could have seen coming when we started this grand adventure in free speech and open-minded dialogue, it was how often the topic of hair would come up. Strike that: how often the topic of black female hair would come up. No joke: it comes up so much you’d think we owned stock in a beauty supply shop.

Man, that would be sweet. Still…it’s just not something most would associate with two middle-age, straight cisgender white males, and on a fairly regular basis at that.

But dreams can come true, especially with some gentle coaxing and email nagging. Thanks to the resources from the ‘day job’, Anton and I were able to finally talk with someone about something we’ve discussed on this very program excessively: the something being the animated short HAIR LOVE, and the someone Matthew A. Cherry, the NFL athlete who aimed his considerable gifts at Hollywood to become a prolific filmmaker with some of the industry’s best and brightest.

Now Matthew has turned those gifts to a topic seldom seen in the mainstream, that of female black hair and trying to disentangle (get it?) fact from fiction. But that’s not all as the guys take things to a conceptual level, talking about the constant struggle to finance indie projects like HAIR LOVE, collaborating with like-minded folks, the need to diversify talent both in front of AND behind the camera (or in some cases, iPhone), and so much more.

It’s an extremely fun, engaging chat with someone who clearly loves the subject matter and wants to share that with fans of every color. Thanks to Matthew and his team for coordinating, and it’s definitely not one to miss – and you don’t have to by listening now!