Safe Spaces Episode 22 is here to educate and diversify your life – just kidding! We’re just a simple podcast, with absolutely no intention of modifying, adjusting, or otherwise “improving” your life through cheerful corporate sloganeering and sanctioned speech.

Well, maybe just a little bit. If you really want it. As a certain film starring Bill Murray likes to say, faster…and more intensity!

Things start off with the (totally and completely shocking!) word that Rhonda Byrne’s best-selling manifesto of mumbo-jumbo bullshit, The Secret, is set to become a major Hollywood production starring Katie Holmes. The news doesn’t sit well with co-host Anton Hill, and a friendly chat about the stupidity of pseudoscience and all forms of metaphysical horseplop ensues. It’d be hilarious if people didn’t take this stuff so seriously, much like anal bleaching, coffee enemas, and whatever the heck Oprah “Super Saiyan” Winfrey is hocking this week.

Also, we’ve got an unfortunate update on our pals Diamond and Silk, those rambunctious Trump supporters who took the viral world by storm (and were kind enough to stop by for a chat). Seems like Google-owned YouTube may be in the process of “demonetizing” their videos for being ‘unacceptable’ to a wider audience.

Speaking of Google, our hosts save the Big One for their penultimate chat; (now ex) Google employee James Damore wrote a ten-page memo, “Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber”, which detailed his (again, now ex) employer’s failure to address certain ideological, biological, and psychological issues deeply embedded within the company.

Naturally, this didn’t sit well with the higher ups at the earth’s biggest thought search engine, and Damore was quickly erased from existence let go. Just as quickly did the mainstream media take to eviscerating the memo, mislabeling and misconstruing its message – and creator – as a “anti-diversity screed”, “sexist”, “anti-women”, and worse. Of course, none of them sound like they even bothered to read it, yet felt compelled to comment and talk about everything but its content.

Surprisingly, Google – and its beleaguered CEO Sundar Pichai – have come under attack, and not just for their quick termination of Damore, but also for what many calling a toxic environment of virtue signaling about the cult of “diversity” with little to show for it. Do men and women differ from each other in subtle, biologically ingrained ways? Can anything be done to shore up the gender gap in technological jobs? Why are only those gender disparities in male-dominated fields a “crisis”? When you’re in direct control of the world’s biggest decider of information on the internet, these are important questions.

Our hosts dismantle Google’s supposed mantra that “Diversity is our Strength!” using facts, figures, Jerry Seinfeld, stats…and even Google’s page on the subject itself. Seriously, go take a look for yourselves; we’re still not sure what ‘diversity’ means (and we’re not sure if even Google does). Frank and honest conversations are always better than stifled, restricted speech on “inappropriate subjects”; which side do you fall on?

Our final nod this week is to the ever-growing international crisis of potential thermonuclear war between the US and North Korea (the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea between friends). Will a literal war of words (and late-night tweets) as two of the world’s most stylishly-distinctive leaders, Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un, ratchet up the rhetoric and scary, dangerous ways. Is “Don’t Look at the Flash!” the new “Duck and Cover”? Time and good politics will tell, so best listen while you can!