Safe Spaces Episode 21 is here; we’re totally legal now (in every sense of the word!). To celebrate our hosts offer a quick update to the Super Mario Odyssey / Sombrero situation that’s caused mass panic across the nation; you won’t want to miss that. Momma Mia!

Plus, can Dunkin Donuts be just as amazing with the Donuts? Inquiring minds (and caffeine addicts) need to know!

Also, did you catch our exclusive talk with the fabulous ladies from Diamond and Silk earlier this week? If not, you’ll want to avoid getting tossed in their infamous Bowl of Stupid and get that fixed right away: check it out right here!

Did you hear that the creators of HBO’s smash-hit Game of Thrones are looking to follow-up their fantasy/porn drama with an alternate-history “what if?” series about what might have happened had the South won the US Civil War? It’s called Confederate, and some people just aren’t having it.

Looks like Amazon is going to counter that with a slavery fantasy of their own with cartoonist Aaron McGruder (The Boondocks) and Will Packer opting for Black America, another alternate-history look at what might happen had freed slaves been given Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama to form a new country – New Colonia. The premise sounds more than a bit like McGruder’s 2005 secession farce Birth of a Nation graphic novel, though the outrage that followed HBO’s announcement seems to be missing from Amazon’s.

Also on tap is a fun look at filmmaker Matthew A. Cherry’s wildly successful Kickstarter effort to finance his upcoming animated short, HAIR LOVE, in which a black father attempts to take on his young daughter’s locks. It looks positively charming, and Safe Spaces proves (once again) to be THE place for black female hair news on a predominantly white-run podcast out there. We’re not kidding!

The epic showdown between the White House’s Stephen Miller and CNN’s Jim Acosta over new immigration regulations hasn’t just gripped the world, it’s helped inspire an epic segue into an epic chat about language, communication, and how two people speaking the exact same language can occupy very different spaces.

This week’s collection of refuge and commentary on the news concerns the strange case of two parents deemed “unfit” to care for their children after IQ tests showed them to be in the lower-end of the intelligence pool. What follows is a controversial chat (as always) about the rights of parents vs. the general welfare of their offspring, the history of eugenics and racial bigotry via intelligence tests, and how closing talk on the subject may lead to certain doom.