Episode 16 of the Safe Spaces Podcast arrives, and just in the nick of time. What good would your weekend be without a little dose of sanity in this topsy-turvy world of political correctness gone mad? Pretty boring, no doubt, but thankfully you won’t have to exist in such a dull world of hypothetical deprivation.

Things heat up as our hosts give listeners a double-dip of perpetual outrage; first up is prolific writer/lecturer K. Tempest Bradford, via NPR, writing an essay on why Cultural Appropriation is Indefensible. Twisted logic aside, our hosts run the gamut on both the logistical errors and dangerous precedents currently being set – and in some cases mandated – by otherwise well-intentioned warriors for social justice. But if Bradford does her best with a faulty premise, the same can’t be said for that other online provocateur, Anita Sarkeesian of Feminist Frequency, who’s aggressive behavior as a panelist at VidCon 2017 helped make a complete fool of herself.

Sarkeesian, and her ilk, are favorite topics here on Safe Spaces; words are said on the subject.

A quick aside about the growing controversy erupting between President Donald Trump and MSNBC hosts of The Morning Joe program makes a good cleanser between this week’s heavier stuff; good thing, too, as you won’t want to spend much time contemplating how far the dignity of the Oval Office has fallen, or that even those alleged “victims” are anything but. In the battle between Presidential Twitter spats and petulant cable news hosts, we’re all losers.

From here things pivot to professors gone wild – with insanity! We first start with Kathy Dettwyler, a (now ex) adjunct professor of anthropology at the University of Delaware, whose Facebook comments following the release of American Otto Warmbier from North Korea (now deceased) suggesting he “got exactly what he deserved” and bizarre asides that “young, white, rich, clueless white males routinely get away with raping women” led to her removal. But it’s the now-viral video of Lisa Durden, herself an ex-adjunct professor (only hailing from Essex County College), on the Tucker Carlson Show that set the nets aflame.

On the program to defend the college’s “all-black Memorial Day celebration” hosted by a Black Lives Matter group, Durden went toe-to-toe with the formerly bowtie wearing host in one of the most erratic, rambling, and – if we’re being honest – highly entertaining pieces of television in some time. From her incendiary and often overly racist language to gesticulating motions, Durden’s appearance only led credibility to those who oppose race-based quotas to guarantee the reintroduction of segregation in public spaces under the dubious guise of “white privilege” as justification. Filled with clips from the show and a lively discussion, it’s the center of this week’s cultural insanity.

Also, in the interest of brevity (and your sanity), our hosts conclude with a hodge-podge of catastrophes, chaos, and utter calamities that was CNN this week. From yanking ill-sourced hit pieces on Trump allies (and axing Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists) to embarrassing reveals of the network’s internal logic via new videos from conservative muckraker James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas to a shockingly bizarre “panel” on the Syrian Refugee crisis that featured Sesame Street’s beloved Elmo, it was a sad state of affairs for the embroiled network.