Can you believe we’ve made it to Safe Spaces Episode Eight? And with hardly a scratch, too! In a week jam-packed full of incidental cultural delights as far-ranging as Cinco de Mayo and Star Wars Day (May the 4th Be With You!), there’s nothing stopping our co-hosts from taking on a healthy mix of the biggest, smallest, and most livid banalities our culture has to offer.

A brief return to last week’s major topic, Bill Nye “the science guy” and his deranged new show about science and climate change, Bill Nye Saves the World. Perhaps you missed the show’s less-discussed ice cream orgy (yep)? We also learn that, following the chromosomal controversy about gender fluidity and hideous butt stuff hysterics, Netflix decided to clip the early sequence from Nye’s original children’s show purporting to use actual science – opposed to feelings – that demonstrated an entirely different lesson on gender dynamics. Why be scientifically correct when it’s easier just to push the delete button?

Also on Anton’s radar is Anita Sarkeesian, the controversial feminist culture critic (to put it lightly), who’s decided to end her equally controversial series Tropes vs. Women in Video Games. Never one to be outdone, our brave co-host gives Sarkeesian the send-off she so richly deserves – by paring her with Theresa Caputo, the “Long Island Medium” who’s also scammed unknowing innocents from their precious dollars.

From there our hosts venture into the dazzling spectacle of self-abortion and denial that continues to be failed Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, who recently gave an interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour at a Women for Women International fundraiser, a non-profit pegged at “supporting women worldwide who have survived war, poverty, and injustice.” Guests paid up to $2,500 to hear the wisdom and recollections of the first female Presidential candidate to head a major political party under the auspices of charity.

It didn’t go well.

Clinton’s interview was much-maligned, even by members of her own party, as being out of touch and void of introspection. There to help whet whistles for her upcoming book – and, as we’ve learned, to possibly launch a political movement – Clinton continued to put the blame of her failed campaign on the triptych of (you guessed it) Russia, FBI Director James Comey, and misogyny.

By using Clinton’s own words against her, our hosts dismantle the unproven ramblings and shameless charges of sexism and the mythological Wage Gap, whose existence was present in all areas of Clinton’s multiple accounts of public service. Most baffling is her claim to be part of #TheResistance, a vapid and often ridiculous hodge-podge of vague grievances that was created specifically because of Clinton’s campaign against her Democratic rival, Bernie Sanders. Appropriating the movement or Alliance?

The only major reporting comes by way of CBS’s John Dickerson, whose exclusive interview with President Trump ended with an anticlimactic thud, to say the least. This didn’t sit well with fellow Tiffany Network employee and Late Night host Stephen Colbert, who took Trump’s affront as an insult to both the journalist and journalism. Colbert then went on an epic screed against the sitting President, putting forth a stunningly crude ‘truth to power’ stance that pleased Trump detractors and set GOP panties bunching.

Colbert’s use of “dick-holster” to describe Trump’s relationship with Vladimir Putin was the sticking point for many, and it wasn’t long before cries of “Homophobia!” were heard, and a failed campaign to #FireColbert was set to motion. Our hosts delved into whether such an epic tantrum was warranted, if the jokes hit the mark, and if the ideological echo chamber we call “late-night comedy” may be getting nostalgic for the days when goading Donald Trump didn’t require this much effort.

Concluding this week’s podcast is a special message from none other than our President, Donald J. Trump, who provides perhaps the most sage advice on how healthcare should work we’ve ever heard. Who knew the orange-tinged billionaire-turned-politico could be so verbally precise in breaking down the logistics of injured feet versus taking out psychotic dictators? ¡Ay, caramba!