Safe Spaces Episode Six gets right down to business by taking the road less traveled with an in-depth analysis of feminist filmmaker Cassie Jaye’s controversial new documentary The Red Pill, which attempts to understand the growing phenomenon of MRAs – Men’s Rights Activists – in a world of third-wave feminism.

Should men, who thoroughly control the patriarchy and offer little more than toxic masculinity, have advocates in this crazy, messed up world? Some seem to think so, but the mere fact a documentary like The Red Pill even exists has caused its detractors to go into conniptions. The film has even been banned outright in certain circles, most likely by people who haven’t even watched it yet. That’s not the case here as co-host Anton Hill has seen it, and a series of joyful, respectful, and illuminating discussions follows.

Also fully discussed, dissected, and delineated is the recent uproar – or lack thereof – of the decision by the South African edition of Huffington to run the article “COULD IT BE TIME TO DENY WHITE MEN THE FRANCHISE?“, which suggested all the world’s problems have been caused by white men and the only fix was to take away their ability to vote.

It then came out the original article was itself a hoax, a satire written by a (gasp) white male attempting to demonstrate that certain outlets like The Huffington Post would, well, post just about anything if they agreed with the agenda presented. Prior to this, editors at HuffPo justified publishing the piece, even defending some of its more incendiary ideas. However, following the big reveal, the original article was removed.

It might’ve made an interesting think-piece, and we’d like to encourage you to read the entire saga for yourselves. Or we only wish you could, as both the article, and subsequent editorial justification itself, have since been removed. Though copies still remain online, it’s clear the lesson that Huffington Post’s editors would rather

Update: after recording this episode it came to light the article’s real author, Marius Roodt, had been tracked down by Huffington Post reporters and confronted at his place of employment, the Centre for Development and Enterprise. He has, subsequently, tendered his resignation and is no longer employed with them. Apparently, we predicted the future, though it’s distressing that HuffPo sought more journalistic diligence to cover their own asses than they were in second-guessing a piece of racist, inflammatory drivel.

And finally, the guys give Fox News’ recently ousted host Bill O’Reilly the only send-off that seems appropriate: a profanity-laced dubstep remix! Having been unceremoniously dropped by the network after several allegations of sexual misconduct, the pity host and Dennis Miller enthusiast is sure to score a lucrative settlement with his former employer after dominating cable news for nearly two decades. If you’re forced to ride out into the sun while your history is erased before your eyes, do it with a beat!