Episode Five of Safe Spaces arrives just in time for the Easter Weekend, and while our fearless co-hosts are short on chocolate bunnies, there’s plenty of juicy scandal and controversies this week to keep things hopping!

A hypothetical thermonuclear conflict over US President Donald Trump’s escalation of his Twitter war against the North Korean regime into the real thing gets things started, while things really heat up with White House Spokesperson Sean Spicer’s colossal world salad when attempting to compare Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s alleged use of sarin gas against his own people to the “relative” harmlessness of Hitler and his “Holocaust centers” to a press scrum thoroughly committed to dismantling the Trump administration at every instance.

Naturally, his comments didn’t go over well, and Sean was quickly fielding charges of antisemitism and labeled a Holocaust denier. Such objectivity and fairness in today’s school of perpetual outrage and impartial journalism!

Also monopolizing headlines was the sale tale of poor Dr. David Dao, the 69-year old passenger of United Flight 3411 that was beaten and unceremoniously dragged from his seat to make room for the airline’s own employees. Naturally, the incident ‘united’ (get it?) the world under the banner of mutual outrage, and despite attempts to impugn the good doctor’s reputation (he’s only a convicted felon who lost his license after dishing out prescriptions for sex, but who’s perfect?), a rousing discussion of civil rights and proper treatment of customers awaits.

Note: proper treatment of customers should never, ever involve dragging one out of your plane, with exposed pot-belly for all to see. Just saying.

From here the guys tackle everything from the recent uproar over comedienne Amy Schumer’s possible theft of material, the logical hypocrisy of feminists failing to riot over FGM (female genital mutilation) right here in the United States, and why overstating the reality of “rape culture” does the march towards equality no favors.

Rounding out this extended episode is something we can all get behind: the first teaser trailer for Disney’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi has finally launched, and while reaction is decidedly “mixed”, there’s absolutely no way in the galaxy the film doesn’t do bonkers box-office when it opens this December. But it won’t be alone in its conquest as Disney has signaled they’re going after the most lucrative of all fanbases – females – with a slate of girl-empowered Star Wars goodies, including the upcoming female-starring Star Wars: Forces of Destiny animated series.

Can Rey, Jyn, and the unstoppable Princess (sorry, General) Leia overcome the evils of the patriarchy and finally vanquish toxic masculinity from the galaxy in the end? Only massive viewership and brisk toy sales will tell!