Episode Four of Safe Spaces is alive and well, surviving the onslaught of weekly stupidity and abject reality of life filtered through the prism of distortion and ignorance. So much so that our brave co-hosts have developed a semblance of an actual theme about the actual, honest-to-goodness appropriation of “the moment” by outside groups. Whose movement and what groups? Best get in line now, there’s gonna be a wait.

But not before an undisputed comedy giant is given a proper send-off: the legendary Don Rickles passed away at the tender age of 90, a vintage when many of our best and brightest have learned to stop giving a shit what others think about them.

In other news, this week sugary drink giant Pepsi unleashed an advertisement featuring the latest member of the Kardashian/Jenner clan, Kendall Jenner, as a woke millennial casting off the shackles of oppression (i.e. blonde wigs and lipstick) to find the guitar-wielding hot boy in a crowd of the lamest protest-slash-party every constructed while putting an end to all that police violence stuff via the power of Pepsi.

Naturally, the disparate grievance groups were not amused to have their #Resistance so openly appropriated by corporatism, and it wasn’t long before Pepsi caved and pulled the ad, apologizing to Jenner and their customers for misjudging “the moment”.

Still, as we’ve come to expect from embarrassing (and highly profitable) Kardashian videos, you can find a copy online if you look really, really hard enough. It’s hilarious.

From here our hosts segue into the recent hysteria and advertising boycott of Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly as cable’s biggest bloviator is under attack for alleged sexual misconduct, much of which may have been covered up by the parent network in the form of payouts. Whether true or not, both O’Reilly and Fox News may not survive the sustained efforts to finally pull the cable giant apart for good; they’ve lost the majority of their founders and late-night hosts to sexual scandal and luring over the past year, and having O’Reilly’s head would be a perfect capper

Finally, the theme of appropriating ‘the movement’ continues with the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad “news” story of 18-year old Ziad Ahmed, who apparently earned a spot to attend Standford University by simply writing #BlackLivesMatter one-hundred times on his admissions essay. OK, it’s not ENTIRELY untrue, but the story presented by the media is definitely missing a few key facts: such as young Ahmed’s enormous social justice resume, which includes significant work as a Democratic Party operative, and a list of contacts and accomplishments that make him the very benefactor of the system he’s supposedly railing against: one of privilege.

A parting shot takes aim at the myths behind the gender wage gap fiction and the overall hypocrisy of Senator Elizabeth Warren (overall as there’s not enough hours in the day to cover it all) round out this week’s epic episode. Heck, we’re not appropriating “the moment” – we are the moment!