We’ve made it to Episode 03! To celebrate, we’re also debuting a few special treats – a new opening jingle (!), a fab new website design, and even some semblance of program structure! We appreciate all the choice feedback, even if some of it made us cry. Good thing we’ve got a Safe Space for that. Did we mention the new jingle?

Things heat up with a special box-office update of Anton’s latest craze, Disney’s blockbuster Beauty and Beast adaptation, which is tearing up the charts despite having one of the most disenchanted performances by a lead actress in ages. From here the guys launch into an epic breakdown of the application of racial outrage and protest from Muhammad Ali to Beyoncé, led by none other than the NFL’s controversial kneeler, Colin Kaepernick.

From here they segue into the latest controversy du jour: Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly poking fun at Congresswoman Maxine Waters’ hairdo, which bears a striking resemblance to a certain Godfather of Soul’s classic coiffure. Apparently, this was racist, and many hashtags were launched to aid #TheResistance. Even twice-failed Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton involved herself as the Champion of Women of Color everywhere. Was anyone really asking what she thought? Anybody?

Next is the sad saga of Caitlin Miller, an adorable 5-year old suspended from school for the unconscionable crime of playing with a stick that happened to look like a gun. Yes, it’s yet another case of Zero Tolerance gone mad. Shame we live in a world where kids playing with twigs and Pop Tarts are labeled “threatening” – these are not the opinions of healthy minds.

Things wrap up with a look at the whitewashing claims against Ghost In The Shell, the latest attempt to turn Japanese anime into a blockbuster franchise, as well as the latest to become the target of cultural appropriation and racism. The film stars Scarlett Johansson as a kick-ass cyborg taking down emo hackers and sexy geisha robots in a full body suit that simultaneously leaves nothing, yet totally everything, to the imagination. A lesson into the oddly happy symbiotic relationship between American and Japanese cinema ensues, one the naysayers could stand to learn.