Episode Two follows up on the wild success of Episode One’s ‘debut’ (thank you!) without missing a beat…or should that be Beast? After some good old-fashioned anti fat-shaming analysis, it’s Disney’s live-action remake of Beauty and Beast and its sullen (human) co-star, Emma Watson that get the lead. The guys rip into the former Harry Potter star’s possible feminist hypocrisy – and totally fake nudity – on her surefire way to becoming a billionaire, so she probably doesn’t care about anything we have to say.

Also on tap is the recent racial hysteria over the 2017 Whitney Biennial’s showing of “Open Casket“, a mushy painting by Dana Schutz reproducing the funeral picture of lynched African American teenager Emmett Till that’s caused a minor hysteria in isolated pockets of New York City. It’s faux outrage at its most banal, though we manage to squeeze some surprisingly positive Whoopie Goldberg accolades from Anton. Who knew he actually watches The View?

Other topics ‘o interest include possible nepotism charges by the Trump Administration by hiring First Daughter Ivanka Trump to an official post, and the ‘temporary’ sacking of young conservative commentator Tomi Lahren from Glenn Beck’s The Blaze over her possible admission she may not tow the GOP’s line on abortion. Perish the thought!