The first ‘true’ Safe Spaces Episode 01 turns up the heat in the best way possible – controversy! Listen as hosts Anton Hill and Nathan Evans tear into the stupidity and social ignorance that is “Netflix’s Iron Fist White Savior Controversy“, the streaming giant’s fourth Marvel-related show and first to receive massive blowback from social justice warriors for not casting an Asian-American (i.e. any Asian-American, actually) to play a character that’s been white as snow since the 1970s. The guys tear into the logical fallacies of social science bunk like “cultural appropriation”, “white guilt”, and other pseudo-nonsense currently bunching panties across the activism world.

Also on tap is an equally silly controversy, only much more hilarious: MSNBC’s resident snarky “journalist”, Rachel Maddow, left her many fans (and detractors) questioning their sanity after a much-ballyhooed showing of President Trump’s “found” taxes turned out to be a big nothing burger. Will Ms. Maddow weather the storm of embarrassment most humans would feel for duping their own audiences? Or will the rush to validate self-imposed hysterics and tinfoil-hat level conspiracy theories (The Russians!) help inch MSNBC’s top host a few notches closer to Geraldo Rivera level ridiculousness. Listen now for all this and more!

Also acknowledged is the massive gains made from our inaugural Episode 00; we’re now available on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, TuneIN, and other fine podcast streaming services, so there’s no excuse not to listen, love, share, and more!